Sets brush in voxel mode.
Draws squares, discs, cubic or spherical shapes, one by one or in a series by keeping LButton on.

Interface 0.99.5a brush-voxel mode example
Shapes and volumes created with voxel mode

3 options are available:

  • Cubic or spherical shape
  • 2D or 3D
  • Brush size

Cubic or spherical shape

Sets the brush in the shape of a plain cube or sphere, centered on your mouse cursor.

Only the pattern brush allows you to modify the local offset of a shape.
In voxel mode you can only get a full cube or sphere by clicking on a smaller shape than your brush.

Interface 0.99.5a brush-voxel shape switch
Voxel shape switch

2D or 3D

Selects if the brush shape will be:

  • a plain square or a full cube
  • a plain disc or a full sphere
Voxel mode 2D shapes looks like center mode ones, but you don't get a hole in the center.

Interface 0.99.5a brush-voxel volume switch
Flat or volumic shape switch

Brush size

Increases or decreases the shape's size:

  • either by typing a size number
  • or dragging with LButton on the arrows
Interface 0.99.5a brush-voxel shape size
Brush size

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