This box: [[{{{1}}}|view]] · [{{fullurl:{{{1}}}|action=edit}} edit]


Add this template in an included page/subpage to display view/edit links in the parent page.
plain=1 option for full links
mini=1 option for short links
align= complete option with either left/center/right for text alignement


<includeonly>{{NavbarSP|full page name|plain=1|align=left}}</includeonly>
<includeonly>{{NavbarSP|full page name|mini=1|align=left}}</includeonly>
<includeonly>{{NavbarSP|full page name|plain=1|align=center}}</includeonly>
<includeonly>{{NavbarSP|full page name|plain=1|align=right}}</includeonly>

See also Template:Navbar.

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