Interface 0.99.5a model edit-scale

Scale is a retractable text area from Model editor's edit panel. Not to be confused with scale (render).

Changes the size of the model along one or more chosen axes, according to a specified factor:

  • either the whole model if nothing is selected
  • or the selected voxels

If no axis is specified, transformation applies to all of them. Factor must be a positive rational number. The center of the transformation is located at the geometric center[1] of the voxels concerned by the transformation.

If the scale factor enlarges the model bigger than the current object size, the limits are modified accordingly, within a 256 voxels cap for each axis.

In Euclidian geometry, this transformation is called anisotropic scaling[2]. Cool, eh?

Interface 0.99.5a model edit-scale example

  1. Centroid on Wikipedia
  2. Scaling on Wikipedia

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