· LButton, RButton and MButton mean mouse Left button, Right button and Middle button
· On MacOS, use Command instead of Ctrl


Key Command Alternative
F1 Activate console +Enter: execute command
+Up / Down: history of commands
6 (not numpad)
Screenshot +CTRL : for whole window


TAB Switch between Model or World editor


  • Key Command Alternative
    RButton + moving mouse Rotate camera around target point (in perspective mode) or point of view (in freestyle mode) a / d / q / e
    MButton + moving mouse Move camera focus (Panning) a / d / q / e +SPACE
    LButton +SPACE
    4 (not numpad) Recenter camera
    x+LButton Recenter camera target on mouse cursor
    5 (not numpad) Align camera angle to closest face
    LButton on ruler Snap camera angle to multiples of 5 degrees
    WHEEL Zoom in / out w / s
    LButton +z
    CTRL+WHEEL Resize the interface
    7 (not numpad)
    Save current camera pose
    8 (not numpad)
    Load current camera pose
  • Interface 0.99.2a model window-camera shortcuts

    Camera shortcuts

Project / Model file

Key Command Alternative
CTRL+s Save project / model
CTRL+SHIFT+s Save project /model as...
CTRL+o Open project / model Drag & drop .VOX file in model window
CTRL+p New project / model
CTRL+SHIFT+p Duplicate project / model


Key Command Alternative
CTRL+z Undo last action
CTRL+SHIFT+z Redo last undo CTRL+y
u Fill current model space with voxels of active color
i Paint whole model with active color
Del Model editor: delete all voxels (if none selected) / delete selected voxels
World editor: delete selected objects


Key Command Alternative
CTRL+a Model editor: select all voxels
World editor: select all elements in the current hierarchy level
CTRL+i Model editor: invert selection of all voxels
World editor: invert selection of all elements in the current hierarchy level
CTRL+d Model editor: deselect all voxels
World editor: deselect all elements in the current hierarchy level
LButton off-model / off-object
CTRL+c Model editor: copy all voxels (if none selected) / copy selected voxels
World editor: copy selected elements
CTRL+x Model editor: cut all voxels (if none selected) / cut selected voxels
World editor: cut selected elements
CTRL+v Model editor: paste voxels
World editor: paste elements

Elements (objects or groups)

Key Command Alternative
CTRL+SHIFT+c copy element(s) as references
CTRL+t convert reference element(s) as duplicate
+ / - (not numpad) Rotate element(s) 90 degrees on z axis
PgUp / PgDown
Up / Down
Left / Right
(if numpad, VerNum off)
Move element(s) along a specific axis
g Move element(s) on the ground


Key Command Alternative
v Voxel brush + / - (not numpad): increase/decrease brush size
f Face brush
b Box brush
l Line brush
c Center (discs and squares) brush
p Pattern brush + / - / 9 / 0 (not numpad): x/y/z pattern rotation
PgUp / PgDown / Up / Down / Left / Right (if numpad, VerNum off): add local offset to pattern
Home: reset local offset of pattern

Brush type

Key Command Alternative
ALT+LButton Pick voxel color
CTRL+LButton Move selected or all voxels in selected plan CTRL+SHIFT+LButton: move model at a right angle to selected plan

CTRL+ALT+LButton: move model on two axis at once

ALT+LButton (Render) Pick voxel material
t ATtach brush +SHIFT: temporally switch to erase brush
r ERase brush +SHIFT: temporally switch to attach brush
g Paint brush
n Box or rectangle select SHIFT+LButton: add to selection
SHIFT+ALT+LButton: remove from selection
m Region select SHIFT+LButton: add to selection
SHIFT+ALT+LButton: remove from selection

Mirror mode

(in attach, erase or paint brush)

Key Command
1 (not numpad) Mirror x
2 (not numpad) Mirror y
3 (not numpad) Mirror z

Axis mode

(in attach, erase or paint brush)

Key Command
CTRL+1 (not numpad) Whole x axis
CTRL+2 (not numpad) Whole y axis
CTRL+3 (not numpad) Whole z axis


Key Command
LButton Set focus distance on selected voxel
RButton Reset focus distance
CTRL+e Display edges
CTRL+g Display grids
CTRL+f Display frame
CTRL+u Display ground
CTRL+b Display background objects
CTRL+w Display shadow


Key Command
CTRL + moving color Switch color with another palette location
CTRL+SHIFT + moving color Duplicate color to another palette location
ALT+SHIFT + moving color Fill intermediate gradient colors

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