Voxels VS Pixels

Voxels are basically 3D pixels, but thanks to MagicaVoxel's amazing render options, final creations often look more 3D than pixel art. Surely there should be a way to create pixel art look for your voxel scene?

Well, yes — MagicaVoxel's renderer is so great, creating pixel art look only takes a minute.


First, resize your render. Choose anything that will fit your artwork (so if your artwork is 126^3, choose 160*160 px to give it some space), then turn on Pixelated Illumination (Sample -> Px), turn off the ground and turn background to transparent. And, lastly, turn off anti aliasing. To enhance the pixel art look render either at Isometric or Orthogonal Cameras.

Tutorial 0.99.3 My little bunny-Pixel Art Look Settings

Settings for the Pixel Art Look

Boom, you're done!

Afterwards you can enlarge your rendered preview in any graphic app, but remember to turn off ani aliasing while enlarging to avoid blurry “pixel” edges.

Not all scenes will look good as pixel art, but as it takes only a few moments to experiment with the Renderer, it's still worth a try.

Final Image

Tutorial 0.99.3 My little bunny-Pixel art look

Rendered and enlarged scene

my_little_bunny, february 2019

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