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One Room 2019

Check our Discord server, channel #one-room-2020.

Hello y'all, its been almost one year ago that we had the one room server collaboration!
So I welcome you to our annual collaboration One Room 2

Before we start please read the rules to avoid confusion and unnecessary questions.


  • Do not change...
    • any colours in the palette
    • any render settings
    • the size of the editing space.

Changing any of these parameters will disqualify your submission and you will need to redo it.

  • Your room should not exeed 125x125x125
    • In the one room template file is a one thick voxel rim. Do not change it.
  • You are allowed to change the wall and floor colours
  • Send me your submission via DM.
    • When submitting your file call it One_Room_YourDiscordName

Take not that the final version will be posted on twitter and instagram. By participating in this collaboration you agree that its okay for me to post on Social media and make

There is no limit how many submissions you make, but I cant promise you that all of them will get included.

Additional info for the palette

  • First column is metal
  • Second column is glass
  • Third column is emission
  • Very bottom rom emissions
  • Second to last row glass
  • Rest is diffuse

Challenge organized by :Dima


  • Event submissions, in your own timezone:
    nov. 19, 2020     dec 10, 2020