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{{Version|0.99.5a}}<includeonly>{{NavbarSP|World window (interface)/0.99.5a|plain=1|align=right}}</includeonly>{{Short|[[Shortcuts#Camera|</kbd>various<kbd>]]}}In [[World editor]], the '''world window''' displays the {{Elements}} of the entire [[Scene (glossary)|scene]] according to the camera position, zoom level and style ([[Perspective camera (interface)|perpective]], [[Freestyle camera (interface)|freestyle]], etc.).
All elements are displayed in space, relatively to the [[Ground (glossary)|ground]].
If you [[Enter group (interface)|enter a group]], you can only edit elements part of that group. All objects outside the group are locked and darkened.
Selecting elements outlines their limit in white and displays their [[Coordinate system (glossary)|coordinate system]]. Unselected elements limits are displayed with the color of their respective [[Layers (interface)|layer]].
The [[Toggle view cube (interface)|view cube]] is displayed if enabled.
[[File:Interface_0.99.5a_world_editor-world_window_example.png]]<br>{{caption|The world window (left) and the [[scene outline]] (right).<br><code>ball</code> and <code>pyramid</code> are part of the active group, and can be modified. <code>cube</code> is outside and locked.}}
==Import an image==
Drag & dropping a [[PNG]] image in the World window will create a new object [[Object (interface)|named]] according to the image file:
* first, MagicaVoxel will [[Resize model (interface)|size]] the object. One pixel (px) of the original image will correspond to one [[voxel]] (vx) of the model
** <code>x</code> axis will match the width
** <code>y</code> axis value will be <code>1</code>
** <code>z</code> axis will match the height
** If the image is larger than <code>256 x 256</code>px, your image will be resized to fit in a <code>256 x 1 x 256</code>vx object
* then, MagicaVoxel will attempt to use colors of its [[Color palette (interface)|active palette]] to attribute colors of the image to the voxel object
Using the same drag & drop technique in the [[Model window (interface)|Model window]] will replace all the voxels of the current object.
{{Tip|Learn more on image importation following [[Importing_an_image_as_a_texture|this tutorial]]}}

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