In Model editor, the model window displays the content of the current object according to the camera position, zoom level and style (perpective, freestyle, etc.).

This is where to alter the content of an object with brushes.

All other elements (objects or groups) visible in the scene are locked and darkened.

View cube and camera ruler are displayed if enabled.

Import an image

Drag & dropping a PNG image in the model window will replace all the voxels of your current object:

  • first, MagicaVoxel will resize your object. One pixel (px) of the original image will correspond to one voxel (vx) of the model
    • x axis will match the width
    • y axis value will be 1
    • z axis will match the height
    • If the image is larger than 256 x 256 px, your image will be resized to fit in a 256 x 1 x 256 vx model
  • then, MagicaVoxel will attempt to use colors of its active palette to attribute colors of the image to the voxel object

If you don't want your voxels to be replaced while importing an image, use the same drag & drop in the World window.

Learn more on image importation following this tutorial

Interface 0.99.5a model editor-model window example
The model window (left) and the scene outline (right).
ball is the object currently edited, while pyramid and cube are other objects, locked in the background.

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