MagicaVoxel is a 3D modeling software based on voxels assembly.


"A free lightweight 8-bit Voxel Art editor and interactive path tracing renderer.[1]"
MagicaVoxel is a multi-platform freeware created, developed by Ephtracy, and available since 2015[2]. It's a 3D modeler of complex voxel scenes, with its own ray-tracing rendering engine.

Its native format is .VOX for 3D models, and .PNG for image exports or palette files.

MagicaVoxel 0.99.3a mvc logo

Our Community logo in MagicaVoxel Model editor

Downloading MagicaVoxel

The latest version is only to be downloaded on the official website.

Software's licence:

  • Free to use for any project (no commercial licence required)
  • Credits to the software are appreciated (e.g. "created by MagicaVoxel")
  • Distribution of the program package (original or modified) is disallowed

Installing MagicaVoxel

MagicaVoxel is available on:

Microsoft Windows

It's a standalone (or portable) software ; it doesn't need a regular install process, just a copy/paste:

  • Downlad the .ZIP file
  • Extract the archive in any empty folder on your computer
  • Launch MagicaVoxel.exe (you can make yourself a shortcut anywhere)

Apple Mac OS

If you get black screen on macOS Sierra, try this:

  1. Extract the whole folder.
  2. Move outside the folder and then back to it.


MagicaVoxel interface does not provide configuration options. However, some parameters can be changed into the config.txt file, found in config/ folder (where you extracted the .ZIP file).

MagicaVoxel alternatives

  1. MagicaVoxel's developer official website
  2. Based on Version 0.96
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