Every user of this Wiki is encouraged to share their MagicaVoxel experience, tips and tricks.
If you feel like writing a quick howto, a long article, or anything useful to other enthusiastic voxel-art makers, follow these steps

Finding a title

  • think about how you want to name your tutorial. Choose something explicit the reader can pick in the tutorials list without doubt; up to 8 or 10 words should be enough
  • create a New page


  • write your article helping you with the Fandom help pages
  • if you add some image or any file, add your wiki name to your filename so you wont have trouble with already existing files
  • videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion are allowed, don't hesitate

Finishing touch

  • sign your article pasting these characters: ~~~
  • add the Tutorial category (required to be listed in the menu)

Remember that you can Preview or Save changes anytime, and edit it as much as you like. Congratulations and thank you for contributing!

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