When you started your wiki, your community is started. And you don't have users to help. And to help get your wiki growing, you must add a lot of content, pages and more.

How to get users on your wiki

Users think that you don't have a wiki with your game, movie, TV, comic and more. To get it, add content and also links. Links also help get users and a small chance to get sitelinks. Like SEO, your wiki in Google results will be completed until you get 10 pages or more. And higher the content, the more special your wiki will be. If you have a wiki with Fandom Games in it, you may add a Discord server to add chat servers for your game community. And work as a community on Help:Building your wiki so you can get it correct for your wiki.

Growing your wiki

In Fandom, wikis like your one grows better and better in communities. Your wiki needs more users and editors? Here's the way to do it.

Helping the community

Users will be more likely to visit your wiki if needed. By adding cool videos, photos and also links to help. And also content and pages. When a user can upload a photo on Upload a file special page, they can see what one they will use on your wiki. And users will follow the policies of the admin's rules so do not upload bad videos or unusual content, and do not upload photos like memes, bad or unusual content. And also a admin can contact Fandom Staff to add the Community page on your wiki. This feature will help gather extra users to your pages.

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