Groups are used to handle large projects content more easily.


Two or more world elements merged / linked together.


Elements of a group can be objects or other groups.

These elements are grouped or ungrouped in World editor.
A group limits extends to the elements inside of it.

A selected group can be renamed using the same menu as for objects.

Glossary 0.99.5a world editor-group
ball and pyramid objects are grouped, visible in the scene outline

Manipulating groups

Groups can be moved the same way as objects.
World editor does not provides coordinates for groups, only a chequered ground as reference.

Selected groups are delimited by a white outline, while others by the color of their respective layer.

Elements part of a group don't have to share the same layer

Existing groups are displayed in the scene outline by order of creation, and can be reordered with the order function.

To interact with elements inside a group, either:

  • enter a selected group
  • click on the group in the scene outline

An expandable plain orange triangle precedes a group name in the list.

Glossary 0.99.5a world editor-group example
Navigating through the groups of a scene through the scene outline
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