Sets brush in face mode.
Extrudes voxel "faces" (i.e. voxels next to each other, in the same x/y/z plan) by color or geometry detection.

Options available:

Color or geometry connectivity

Interface 0.99.5a brush-face co ge switch

Changes your brush in the shape of a plain cube or sphere, centered on your mouse cursor.

Color / geometry switch is also a option of region select
Interface 0.99.5a brush-face color example Interface 0.99.5a brush-face geometry example
Color detection: Face mode + Color connectivity + Use palette color + 4 neighbors
Geometry detection: Face mode + Geometry connectivity + Use palette color + 4 neighbors

Use palette or raw surface color

Alterns face detection between:

Interface 0.99.5a brush-face pa su example
Face mode + Geometry connectivity + 4 neighbors

Neighbor searching direction

Detects and applies the extrusion to voxels are "connected" to each other:

  • 4 - either by being right-angled/normal to the selected voxel (orthogonal)
  • 8 - or by surrounding the selected voxel in all direction of the plan (orthogonal + diagonal)

Example: LButton click on a dark brown voxel (plain red), detection applies on red dots

Interface 0.99.5a brush-face 4 example Interface 0.99.5a brush-face 8 example
Only 2 voxels match 4 neighbors
Only 3 voxels match 8 neighbors

Interface 0.99.5a brush-face 4 8 example
Face mode + Color connectivity + Use surface color
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