Interface project-export

That collapsible menu allows to export the project into 7 different file format (VOX excluded):

  • Wavefront OBJ[1]
  • PLY[2]
  • MC[3]
  • XRAW (sometimes used in Unity)
  • SLAB[4]
  • QB[5] (used in Qubicle)
  • ISO for "Isometric pixel sprite" = a PNG game sprite
  • 2D for "2D sprite" = a PNG game sprite

The export path can be changed in the configuration file config.txt on line dir_export.

  1. OBJ format on Wikipedia
  2. PLY format on Wikipedia
  3. Marching Cubes on Wikipedia
  4. slab6 format on Gamebanana
  5. Qubicle Binary format
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