Command Format Description Example
sel_none select none
sel_all select all
sel_inv select inverse
copy copy voxels
cut cut voxels
paste paste voxels
size [x y z] resize model size 45 60 120
shrink fit model size
zero clear all voxels
full full volume
fill paint all voxels with same color
inv inverse solid and empty space
flip [axis] flip model flip x y
loop [axis] [offset] move model loop z 1 x -2
scale [xyz] [factor] scale model (xyz is optional) scale 2.0
x2 double model size
rot [axis] [degree] rotate model (any angle) rot x 30
rot90 [axis] rotate model 90 degree rot90 x
repeat [xyz] [factor] repeat model, negative value for mirror repeat (xyz is optional) repeat 2.0
mir [axis] "mirror" (copy + symmetry), default axis is x mir
dia [axis] diagonal symmetry, default axis is z dia
dil [axis] dilation, +z : positive direction, -z : negative direction, z : both directions dil xyz
ero [axis] erosion, +z : positive direction, -z : negative direction, z : both directions ero +z-yx
flood [colorIndex] flood, if colorIndex == 0, remove all invisible voxels flood 0
otherwise, fill all invisible space with colorIndex flood 73
noise [seed scale min max] Perlin noise default value : scale = 0.03 min = 0.2 max = 0.5 noise 123 0.03 0.2 0.5
rand [min max] paint model with random color index between min and max rand 10 15
maze [edge length] Generate maze shape maze 8
pal mask mask out all unused color swatches
pal sort [+-hsvrgb] sort palette colors pal sort vsh
pal fill [index] fill palette with chosen color index pal fill 100
pal bw/mac generate grey or default mac palette pal bw
snap [interface element] Take a snapshot image of the whole interface or one of its element see Save image (interface) for a list of elements
o [file type] export model o slice
odir [file type] export all models in current folder displayed in model list odir obj
xs [option] [shader name] [arg0] [arg1] ... generate model/anim by custom voxel shader in folder /shader xs wave (-n : num interations; -prev : based on previoud frame; -cur : based on current frame )

Commands on the official github page.

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