MagicaVoxel Wiki
MagicaVoxel Wiki - September 26th, 2020

  1. New Transform and Voxel Shader Brushes
    • Refactored the brush menu and add icons.
    • Voxel Shader Brush to use Voxel Shaders interactively and directly.
    • Transform->Scale Brush : live scale models, point sampled, low quality but fast.
    • Transform->Wrap/Crop Brush : live wrap/crop models with mirroring and spacing modes.
    • Geometry Mode->Line/Square/Circle: the old center mode is combined with the old line mode
    • World editor->Pattern and Wrap Brush: can create patterns from selected object (check the pattern model menu on the right panel).
  2. Rotate Transform Brush
    • Axis rotate : press any inner circle.
    • Screen rotate : press the outer circle.
    • Sphere rotate : press any point inside the outer circle.
    • Snap rotate : press SHIFT or SHIFT+ALT to snap angle to multiple of 5 or 15.
  3. Editing
    • Boolean operations for groups and objects.
    • Modify->Mask/Texture: mask and texture models with pattern models.
    • Sort: only sorts selected colors if number of selection is greater than one.
    • command log: display count of models, scene size, count of voxels for each color, etc.
    • command shear [axis] [scale] [scale] shear model, e.g. shear z 0.2 0.2.
  4. Camera Control Panel
    • click the arrow on the bottom bar to show the camera control panel.
    • can change camera global/local position, pitch/yaw/roll angles, save/load camera slots, etc.
    • press SHIFT to change values in smaller steps.
    • the nine values can also be modified by cmds cam x/y/z tx/ty/tz rx/ry/rz.
  5. Pattern Pack
    • can load all the models in a project as a pattern pack.
    • can create pattern pack from multiple selected objects.
    • use LButton/RButton to rotate the preview model; use MWheel to zoom in/out.
    • use 1/2 to select previous/next color in the palette.
    • use 3/4
    • use CTRL+ALT to switch to pattern tool.
    • use CTRL to switch to free move tool.
    • use ESC to switch between pattern/move brush and select brush in the world editor.


Update log of the official github page.