FANDOM - June 5th, 2020

  1. World Editor
  2. Brush
    • brush modes (V/F/B/L/C/P) and options (Mirror/Axis) can be applied to the brush selection tool
    • new resizable box brushe use gizmo to resize the box; ENTER or other stroke/edit to commit
    • new SDF brush: box brush + voxel shader
    • CTRL + ALT + drag to resize voxel brush
    • sculpt brushes can be applied to either selected or unselected regions
    • Region options are also applied to remove/replace voxel color brushes
  3. Live crop and fit
    • Fit tool allows fitting the size of multiple objects
    • Crop tool allows live resizing the canvas: drag arrow body to resize, drag arrow head to move
    • New 1/2 tool
  4. IO panel
    • export / import palette / materials / rendering / camera / notes settings in text format
    • determine which components are saved in the vox file
    • export options: only export selected objects; export models in local space
    • import options: match similar colors in the palette; only import colors/materials for selected palette region
  5. Shader panel
    • can bind user defined arguments to the interface via comments
    • live update by using the box brush
  6. Palette Note panel
    • add note to each row of the palette
  7. Display
    • Ambient Occlusion (AO) and Constant shading modes
    • Fade: Toggle background objects fading
    • change grid/edge/selection/background color


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