MagicaVoxel Wiki
MagicaVoxel Wiki - May 4th, 2020

  1. Multiple Color Selection in the Palette
    • the color and material modification (and some other cmds) can be applied to multiple colors now.
    • e.g., rand cmd now uses the multiple selection as random range.
    • click : single cursor selection;
    • drag : multiple selection;
    • shift + drag : add selection;
    • shift + alt + drag : remove selection;
    • can copy and paste color code from the RButton menu.
    • can select voxels by colors from the RButton menu.
    • can select colors by voxels from the RButton menu.
  2. Brush Selection
    • Brush modes (V/F/B/L/C/P) and options (Mirror/Axis) can be applied to the brush selection tool.
    • Brushes can be applied to either selected or unselected voxels.


Update log of the official github page.