0.99.3 - February 3rd, 2019

  1. Final Image Render : Render->Image Settings (Right Panel)
    • Photo Mode: up to 12000 x 12000 size images. Bloom effect is not available.
    • Turntable Mode: spinning camera animation with Motion Blur. Saved as name (frame index).png image sequence.
    • Both modes can render in the background.
    • You may need to disable vsyn in the GPU panel for this program.
  2. Lens
    • Panorama Projection: Lens->Pano. Set image size width = height x 2
    • Focus: can fix or set focus distance by numbers.
    • Depth of Field effect can be enabled in all camera projection modes.
    • Fixed bugs for camera blades (images become darker) and grids.
  3. Camera Control
    • X+left click to set the camera rotation center in both editing and rendering modes.
  4. Export
    • add slices/cubes/point clouds export options
    • export settings (scale, axis, etc.) can be found in config/config.txt/io_*
    • export objects are named as [project name]-[index]-[object name].[ext]
    • the vertices of the mesh exports are using their global positions in the world editor.
  5. Config
    • can modify edge/ground/background/fade color of the editor
    • add hotkey.txt in config/ folder to bind keys to commands.
    • the keys A-Z, 0-9, F1-F12 are recommended.
    • repeat token means that you can hold the keys to automatically perform multiple times of actions, e.g. undo/redo
    • commands may be refactored in the future. The feature is not robust. Use it carefully.


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