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MagicaVoxel Wiki

0.99.1 - March 12th, 2018

  1. Renderer (hidden menu)
    • Atmospheric Scattering Skydome: Rayleigh/Mie scattering
    • Bladed Bokeh: for large depth of field
    • Stretched Bloom Filter
    • Grids: can change Spacing, Width, and Color
    • Field of View (FOV): change range to: 1-360
    • Fix some bugs: e.g. Bloom dark points
    • More options are saved into file, format is changed as well
  2. Editor
    • Align Objects in Editor
    • New object is using last model size
    • Fix importing files with unicode paths
    • Add default export and snapshots folders in config


Update log of the official github page.