0.98 - October 22th, 2016

  1. Frame-Based Animation
    • Supports up to 24 frames animation
    • Ctrl+Drag to move frame, Ctrl+Shift+Drag to duplicate frame
    • Press on the prev/next button to play animation (you can also change time step)
    • Drag and drop multiple models to import as animation
    • It can also be used for other purposes, like assets of same category
    • However, features of importing and exporting anim are not fully supported yet
  2. New Interface
    • Materials are saved into .vox file now
    • If there are unsaved changes, the tiny button besides name field will become orange, click it to save
    • Program will ask for saving changes when opening new models or closing the program
    • Click the title of each panel to close it
    • Tool->Scale, Repeat, Rotate are removed, use console commands scale, repeat, rot instead
  3. Voxel Shader also supports generating anim now
    • [New inputs]
    • iFrame: current frame index
    • iNumFrames: total num of frames
    • iIter: current iteration index
    • iRand: a vec4 random number updated every iter and frame
    • [New Options]
    • -n: specify number of iterations, eg. xs -n 8 [shaderName]
    • -prev/-cur: specify input frame, -prev for previous frame, -cur for current frame (default is -prev)


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