0.98.2 - April 1st, 2017

  1. Bloom
    • Click the button in Bloom section to calculate bloom effect when any rendeirng setting has been changed
    • It has its own progress bar, and uses the same number of samples from the top
    • When adjusting the weight with the slider, it won't restart rendering
    • It will enable Camera->ACES automatically
  2. Bokeh
    • It has larger aperture size for DOF (depth of field)
  3. HDR Emissive Material
    • Formula is changed to Emit * (10 ^ Power)
    • Glow is only used to enhance Bloom and Bokeh effects
  4. Pause Rendering and Instant Feedback
    • Click Image->|| to pause progressive rendering
    • Enable Sample->GI
    • Every change of material will be immediately displayed in viewport
    • (*expensive option, higher end GPU recommended)
  5. Sky Background
    • Enable View->Back (CTRL+B) to display sky as background
    • The fading ground into horizon is controled by Fog slider
    • For real fog, enable Fog firstly
  6. Ground Material
    • Now you can use Alt+LButton to click the ground, and then assign Metal material to it
  7. Pixelated Rendering
    • Turn off View->AA to disable Anti-Aliasing and set image size small (128, e.g.)


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