0.98.1 - December 30th, 2016

  1. Selection
    • New Box/Rect/Region selection brushes
    • New selection tools Edit->Select: Copy/Paste, Deselect/Inverse Select, etc.
    • Attach/Erase/Paint brushes can only operate on unselected voxels
    • Move/Remove Color/Replace Color brushes can operate on both selected and unselected voxels
    • Edit Tools can only operate on selected voxels
    • Transform Tools Flip/Rot/Loop/Scale/Repeat modify selected voxels around local center
    • Export only exports selected voxels if selection exists
  2. Selection Brushes
    • +SHIFT to add selection, +SHIFT+ALT to subtract selection
    • Box Select: select voxels within a box
    • Rect Select: select voxels within a screen rect: K+RButton click voxel to navigate to 90 degree view
    • Region Select: select voxels within same volume, same face, or with same color
  3. Pattern Brush
    • Can create Pattern directly from selection: very helpful for texturing surface/duplicating small shapes
    • Can rotate Pattern around z, x, y axes with keys -/+, 9, 0
    • Can add local offset to Pattern with arrow and page keys
    • Reset local offset to 0 with Home key
  4. Bounding Box and Frame Grids
    • Can select on all six faces of bounding box now
    • View->Frame: can change spacing, very helpful for measurement
  5. Camera Setting
    • Camera->ton: ACES Filmic Tone Mapping
    • Camera->dof: Depth of Field, click voxel with LButton to set camera focus
  6. Misc
    • Command dia [axis]: diagonal symmetry
    • Command o slice: export volume as an image of size (width, height x depth)


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