0.97 - 11/30/2015

  1. Enhanced Brushes, Improved UI and File System:
  • Save and Open dialog for all Palette, Model, Export, Screenshot files
  • Face Brush: extrude surface by dragging with various modes
  • Voxel Brush: has been integrated with Cube and Sphere Brushes, working with mirror and axis modes now
  • Circle Brush: center voxel of circle is not operated; support even diameter size
  • HUD: voxel coordinates, volume size, face layers, circle radius are displayed in console now
  • Camera: added X+RButton to select camera focus center, and yellow button to toggle auto camera focus
  • Export: fixed obj export and more config options for isometric and 2d sprite export
  • Render: Light->0 is changed to pure color model; the ground in orth/iso mode will be infinity large
  • Multiple UI improvements


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