MagicaVoxel Wiki

0.97.4 - 07/05/2016

  1. New Emissive Area Lighting
    • Emit->Power: Radiant Flux for Area Lighting
    • Emit->Glow: Energy loss on closer surface
    • Emit->Total: Total power for all voxels or power density
  2. Hints:
    • Requires GI option enabled for advanced effects
    • Only supports Cubic/RG/RE voxel shape
    • For small but strong light source (e.g. point lights), use Emit->Total
    • It is recommended to use lower image resolution (e.g. 640x480) when adjusting parameters
    • For better quality of final image, use more samples (e.g. 5000)
    • Not very robust for this version (has several potential artifacts)
    • If it is still too dark, do not forget to use Post->E to increase exposure
  3. Fix several artifacts for Glass material


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