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0.97.1 - 02/15/2016

  1. New Voxel Shader:
    • Supports GLSL based shader script to generate your custom volume
    • Shaders are in the new folder shader/
    • Try typing [xs wave] in console to start
    • Basic command format is: xs [shader name] [arg0] [arg1] [..]
    • If you want to run the shader multiple times in one run, use: xs [num] [shader name ] [args...]
  2. New Brush Options:
    • [V]oxel Mode: 3D (Volume: Cube, Sphere), 2D (Flat: Square, Disc), Su (Surface, only operates on surface)
    • - Added hotkeys 1-9 to set brush size quickly
    • [C]enter Mode: supports both square and circle shape now
    • [P]attern Mode: can choose using either original model color or current palette color
    • - Can be applied on erasing and painting now
  3. New Marching Cube Export Export->mc: export your voxel model as Marching Cube meshes (.ply)
  4. Camera Control: use middle button to move camera
  5. Cache Folder cache/: program will automatically backup model before quitting program or rendering model
  6. Obj Export Pivot: fixed bugs for obj pivot, you can also set your custom pivot in config.txt->file_obj
  7. Palette Command: added command pal mask to mask out unused color in palette
  8. Fixed a little rendering bug with orth/iso camera, still not very robust though


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